Freelance Invoice Templates to Download [And Best Practices]

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Searching for a free and easy freelance invoice template? Here’s a collection of invoice files you can download and modify for your needs. 

8 Downloadable Freelance Invoice Templates

As a crucial part of getting paid and bookkeeping, invoicing is among the most important things a new freelancer needs to learn. Professional invoice templates make billing a breeze so you can focus on other aspects of your freelance work. 

The invoice templates in this list come in various formats — find one that works best for you as a freelance writer, marketer, web developer, graphic designer, web designer, or any other popular freelance job you have.

Select an invoice design you like best and customize it to suit your freelance business needs. Whether you’re billing by an hourly rate, project-based, per-word, or fixed price, there’s an invoice template that’s perfect for you. 


Canva has the best invoice templates for a freelance service that we have found. That’s because Canva lets you use existing templates or create your own online for free. Choose from hundreds of free invoice templates in various visual designs and layouts. 

Hello Bonsai

Hello Bonsai offers free PDF invoice templates as part of its business management solutions. Its library of free resources includes models for various freelance professions, so you can choose a template already built for your job. With Hello Bonsai, you can integrate your invoices with its other project-tracking and accounting solutions.


FreshBooks offers free downloadable templates in addition to its paid accounting software. These templates have modern, professional graphic design styles and can be downloaded in various formats, like Google Docs and Microsoft Excel. 


SmartSheet specializes in Excel-based templates. Their free templates aren’t fancy, but they’re easy to use and get the job done when you bill for specific line items. Use a free or paid SmartSheet template if you want a simple, traditional invoicing method for sales or product-based contracting.


Many small businesses use Square for their billing and payment solutions, so it’s not surprising Square offers free invoice templates. You don’t need to be a Square app user to customize these on-brand minimalist-style invoices as your own. 


PayPal also offers free invoice templates you can send to clients directly through their platform. This invoicing system is seamless if your preferred payment method is PayPal.

Head to if you prefer to use a free invoice generator software that lets you add and remove fields before downloading your template. Its interface is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to finish. 

PandaDoc Invoice Template

Documents solutions company PandaDoc offers a streamlined, no-frills invoice template in a PDF format. You can add or remove elements to align with your needs and business image.

How to Make a Copy of Google Sheets Invoice Templates

The most common freelance invoice format is a Google Sheet because it can be easily accessed with an internet connection and stored online. This online invoice is designed like an Excel sheet for easy data entry. 

Many freelance invoice templates use Google Sheets, but you’ll need to make a copy of the invoice to modify it. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open the Google Sheets file 

  2. Click on “File” in the toolbar

  3. Select “Make a copy…” from the dropdown

  4. Type a name for your new copy

  5. Select the location where you’ll store the file

  6. Confirm with “Make a copy”

Following these example designs is the best way to create a freelance invoice. Start with a simple design and customize it in Microsoft Word or Excel to make a unique template that suits you. Use it when invoicing clients you find on Upwork or its competitor sites where you’ve submitted job proposals.

What should be on a freelancer invoice?

These are essentials you’ll always find on a standard invoice: 

  • Business information, including your name and client’s company name

  • Invoice number

  • Invoice date

  • Your contact information, including phone number and address

  • Specifics on the work completed, such as the number of hours

  • Sales tax

  • Total amount owed by the client

You may need additional information on your invoice, depending on your situation. For example, your client may need information on your payment terms if not already outlined on a freelance contract.

Be sure to include the following:

  • Payment details, such as accepted payment methods

  • Your payment email address for online payments like Paypal or Venmo

  • The payment due date 

  • Your rate (project, hourly rate, cost-per-word, etc.)

  • Additional fees or adjustments to the total, like discounts

  • A subtotal before any adjustments

The client may also need more precise information about the work you completed. That means having line items with the names of the tasks or projects you completed. For example, freelancers who provide staff augmentation complete various tasks and should describe their work in detail.

Need advice on specific ways to personalize your invoice for your business? Join a freelance community where more experienced contractors in your field can provide counsel.

Benefits of Professional Invoices for Freelancers

Formalities like contracts and invoices may feel like overkill when you have a casual relationship with a client, but it’s in your best interest to thoroughly document your freelance service transactions. 

Even a basic invoice provides benefits such as:

  • Clearly states payment details to avoid misunderstandings 

  • Records the work you performed for the client

  • Provides follow-up documentation to an initial bid proposal

  • Gives your services a professional image

  • Serves as legally enforceable documentation in case a client doesn’t pay what they owe

  • Helps streamline end-of-year bookkeeping for income tax purposes

If you take your self-employment efforts seriously, you should take invoicing seriously. 

Should you use an invoice template or accounting software?

Some self-employed workers prefer using accounting software instead of a template. If you are considering a system like Freshbooks or Quickbooks, use the insights below to guide your decision.

Reasons to use professional invoicing software:

  • Easier to juggle multiple invoices concurrently

  • Uses an automated invoice generator that saves time

  • Reminds you to follow up with unpaid invoices

  • Has cross-program integrations for importing and exporting

  • Gives invoices a professional appearance

  • Automatic processing can avoid calculation errors or mistypes

Reasons to use a blank invoice template:

  • Cheaper than invoicing software, often free

  • Gives you the freedom to make a custom invoice template by designing it from scratch 

  • Uses familiar programs you already know, like Word and Excel 

  • Provides the essentials without any bells and whistles 

Using software to make commercial invoices is worthwhile for small businesses or full-time freelancers with frequently changing clients. But, a free template can be sufficient if you only have 1-2 steady clients and don’t need to produce dozens of invoices every week. 

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