7 Best Remote Work and Travel Programs of 2023

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Looking to switch up your remote work routine with some travel? Through remote work travel programs, remote workers and freelancers worldwide travel easily while continuing to do their jobs. Become a digital nomad and work from anywhere — your home computer, a local co-working space, or an exotic location across the globe.

Here’s how.

What are remote work programs?

A remote work program is a paid travel experience arranged by an organization that coordinates the logistics of your itinerary, including work and leisure accommodations. 

Permanently or temporarily remote workers can enroll in a multi-week or multi-month trip to a series of destinations. The program’s organizers do all the heavy lifting. Rest assured that you’ll have co-working spaces and a Wi-Fi connection throughout your trip.  

There are three types of remote work travel programs: 

  • Extended-stay work and travel programs: Meet like-minded people by residing abroad for an extended period. Make new friends through social activities.

  • Learning programs: Take workshops to hone your professional skills while going on local excursions related to your career field.

  • Digital nomad retreats: Go somewhere isolated where you can rest and rejuvenate with mindfulness activities surrounded by nature. 

Remote work programs are popular among entrepreneurs and digital nomads. These appeal to people who want a work-life balance that allows them to explore the world instead of staying home.

Pros and Cons of Remote Work Programs

Are you curious about enrolling in a remote work program but want to know its pros and cons? Work-and-travel experiences aren’t for everyone, so learn their perks and drawbacks before enrolling.


What are some benefits of remote work programs? Some benefits of remote work programs include:

  • See the world: Travel to different countries without having to use vacation time or take unpaid leave. 

  • Work on your terms: Enjoy flexible work conditions. You decide where and when you work rather than being tied to an employer’s demands. 

  • Explore different cultures: Broaden your diversity awareness by working alongside other travelers in shared co-working spaces and meeting locals. 

  • Happy and healthy: A location-independent career can free you from the burdens of working in an office or at home, improving your mental wellness.

  • Focus on your career: Remote work programs often have professional development events and networking opportunities infused in their itineraries.


What are the downsides of remote work programs? Some downsides of remote work programs include:

  • Distance from commitments at home: You may not want to enroll in a four-month travel program if you have personal responsibilities like a pet, children, or an ailing family member. 

  • Worse work-life balance: A frustrating work experience could ruin your attitude for the rest of the day. Interpersonal issues with fellow travelers can make it tough to focus on work.

  • Less control than at home: Working remotely from home allows you to fully shape your work environment. Shared co-working spaces bring new challenges you’d avoid in a private room.

  • Impact on productivity: Are you easily distracted? It may be challenging for you to pay attention to your job and produce top-quality work when constantly moving to new environments. 

  • Cost:Remote work programs aren’t free. They’re considered a luxury for anyone with tight finances.

Top Remote Work Travel Programs

Many remote work travel programs offer unforgettable experiences. Enroll in one to continue working your remote job while you enjoy local experiences in new cities by attending day trips and social events with like-minded people. 

Here are eight of the best remote work travel programs of 2023. 

Hacker Paradise

The flexibility of Hacker Paradise makes this program great for first-timers. You can join for periods ranging from a few weeks, a couple of months, or a full year. It’s even open to full-time workers whose employer lets them travel and work remotely.

Join a rotating roster of travelers who come and go as the group moves from city to city. 2023 trips include Medellin, Lima, Tokyo, and Cape Town. Membership costs start at around $2,300 per month, though there are ways to reduce the price. For instance, Hacker Paradise allows you to find housing separately to receive a discounted rate. 

Remote Year

As its name suggests, Remote Year takes participants on a globe-spanning tour across 12 cities in 12 months. These year-long “journeys” are excellent for true digital nomads — those well-seasoned wanderers comfortable with work and travel programs. Remote Year hosts a private community of members so you can stay in touch with other travelers after your program ends.

For around $27,000, Remote Year provides a year of accommodations, including private rooms, co-working spaces, transportation, and programming. The company also offers single-week “retreats” and one-month “trips” for less money. 2023 destinations include Bali, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lisbon, and more. 

WiFi Tribe

WiFi Tribe is a select but loyal group of traveling digital nomads who have been going on four-week “chapters” in new places — 55 locations in the last 6 years! Chapter destinations in 2023 include India, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Japan, and many European countries. 

WiFi Tribe uses a personality test in the application process to ensure you’re a good fit for their community. If chosen, you’ll join two-dozen other people in a “tribe” that goes on a month-long retreat to an exotic location. Join as many annual chapters as you want for $1,000-$2,000 each, and stop at any time.


Behere provides affordable, relaxed travel accommodations for women who prefer to travel alone. Female entrepreneurs, 9-to-5 workers, and independent contractors can join Behere for work-travel accommodations. Membership lets you search for and book stays in furnished living spaces around the world for $1,500-$2,000 a month.

Avoid the headache of DIY travel arrangements and let Behere arrange workspaces, gym memberships, and local access. Available destinations in 2023 include Bali, Barcelona, Chiang Mai, London, and Lisbon.

Venture with Impact

Immerse yourself in the local culture rather than just observing it. Venture with Impact prioritizes support and socialization to connect attendees with communities through philanthropy. The result is a life-changing experience — while you’re working your remote day job. 

Venture with Impact draws digital nomads and remote workers who want to make a difference in the world by assisting when they’re sightseeing. Use your skills to make a difference in places like Thailand, Portugal, Mexico, or Columbia. Venture will even speak to your employer to help persuade them to approve your expedition.

Attend a 30-day retreat in another country for around $2,500, which includes housing, co-working spaces, social programs, language support, outings, and coordination with local events and nonprofits.

Nomad Escape

Take a much-needed professional and personal retreat by enrolling in a Nomad Escape program. Relax in beautiful, exotic places while meeting other digital nomads worldwide. You’ll build relationships that may lead to future collaborations. 

A Nomad Escape retreat supports networking between professionals in a peaceful, memorable venue. About $2,300 gets you housing at a top-tier property with a spa, provided meals, exercise programming, and daily workshops. 


Unsettled organizes coworking retreats bringing together diverse groups of professionals for shared enrichment. These programs last a few weeks and include workshops, guest speakers, and local outings. $2,000-$2,500 gets you all this, plus housing and coworking spaces in lush backdrops like Bali, Argentina, Medellin, or Buenos Aires.

Attendees are encouraged to arrange additional gatherings and activities throughout the program based on their group’s particular interests. This is an excellent retreat for remote workers who don’t fit the usual business mold, such as artists and authors.

Remote Work Program Alternatives

Curious about the alternatives to these remote work programs? There are other ways to experience the freedom of working remotely from sites near or far: 

  • Travel on your own: You don’t have to work alongside other people when you travel. Full-timeremote workers can choose a destination to visit for an extended period. There, you can work from the solitude of your private room.

  • Find paid internships abroad: Find an internship overseas in your field. Many countries host organizations that have paid temporary positions lasting only a season.

  • Work for a company that pays for your travels: Some businesses send their employees abroad for market research, sales, or networking. You may be able to score a gig with an organization that will pay to send you to destinations abroad.

  • Join a company hiring remote staff: Large companies have transitioned many job roles to fully remote since the pandemic's start. Find a job you can perform from anywhere.

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